Terminated Merchant Solutions

What Is the MATCH (TMF) List?

The MasterCard Alert to Control High-risk (Merchants) (MATCH™) system is designed to provide Acquirers with risk information before entering into a Merchant Agreement. Commonly referred to as, the Terminated Merchant File (TMF), MATCH is a mandatory system for all MasterCard and Visa merchant Acquirers. The MATCH database includes information about certain Merchants (and their owners) that an Acquirer has previously terminated. Since risk assessment includes both a merchant's corporate identity and the identity of the business owners, MATCH stores and reports on possible matches for up to five principals. Acquirers are required to list merchants if they are terminated for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Credit or debit card fraud conviction
  • Excessive deposits for counterfeit transactions
  • Excessive deposits for transactions unauthorized by cardholders
  • Deposits for transactions representing sales of goods or services generated by another merchant (laundering or factoring)
  • Excessive chargebacks due to a merchant's business practices or procedures
  • Visa USA or MasterCard International suspects the merchant of conducting fraudulent activity
  • Visa USA disqualified the merchant from participating in the Visa Program
  • The acquirer identified the merchant as having excessive fraudulent activity following an internal audit or investigation
  • The acquirer determines that serious violations of the merchant agreement may result in increased loss exposure to the member or membership

What Recourse Does My Business Have?

Visa / MasterCard rules do not prohibit Acquirers from signing agreements with merchants or principals on the MATCH list, nor do merchants need to be removed from the MATCH list before they can work with another Acquirer / processor. However, the vast majority of US merchant service providers will not re-evaluate a merchant while on the MATCH list.

Non – U.S. banks and Acquirers who utilize the Visa / MasterCard global networks can be viable solutions. They are more likely to make credit card acceptance decisions based on further investigation and use the MATCH data only as a tool to help them make their decisions.

The key to establishing a card processing account again for your business, at the most cost effective rates possible, is to partner with an experienced provider like CCP. Unlike many providers, we will not have you provide reams of detailed financial information to build a large credit file on you and your business then “shop it” to 4 or 5 offshore banks for credit and business model evaluation. We work with one bank that specializes in MATCH list merchants. In most cases, a 10 minute consultation with our TMF specialist will be enough to determine if we can help your business. If we believe we can help, a dedicated specialist will be assigned to your underwriting evaluation, approval and activation process. While we can’t guarantee a new merchant account, we can guarantee a courteous, professional, transparent experience.